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Dem 2 Brothers & A Grill – Charleston, WV

Dem 2 Brothers & A Grill
423 Virginia Street West
Charleston, West Virginia 25302

I arrived about11:30AM, there was smoke everywhere. Smoking was taking place out behind the restaurant; I was told the process started about 7:30AM. It sure did smell good.


I made my way inside and was I wat taken to a table. I looked the menu over and decided on my order; Ribs, Pulled Pork, Baked Bean, Sweet Potato Casserole and Banana Pudding.


Dem 2 Brothers and A Grill Charleston, WV Pulled Pork, Ribs Bean Sweet Potato Casserole

The Ribs


Ribs had good hit of smoke, the sauce used on the ribs is outstanding – kind of like sweet baby rays – but the meat was a bit overcooked thus drier than I like my ribs. It’s a fine line, and a lot of BBQ houses do this. So, don’t be too alarmed. They were still tasty ribs.


The Pulled Pork


They put their sauce on the Pulled pork before serving – note that if like me, you would prefer to add sauce as needed -. In other words, give me Pull Pork without sauce and show me the sauce(s) available for me to try. The Pork had a good hit of smoke and flavor, but is was also a bit dry. The sauce is a thick paste sauce, which while it had a good flavor and great for the ribs, isn’t my style of sauce for pulled pork. But I try things the way the guy running show likes to serve them


Sweet potato casserole – was pretty good stuff. I liked it.


The baked beans – are good, but needed something in my opinion; I added some pulled pork to the beans and that made them better.

The banana pudding – was the best thing they had. Theirs is a thicker pudding, using possibly a heavy cream? It’s a bit sweet, but those that know me know I like banana pudding. I get a thick pudding like this by using heavy cream in the pudding. I’m not sure what they did here. It was a touch sweet, but that was OK.


Service by everyone was great.




The Beef Rib from Big Tiny’s BBQ – Mooresville, NC –

Big Tiny’s BBQ
179 N Main St
Mooresville, NC 28115

When people talk about Texas Style and North Carolina Style; folks it really isn’t about which is better. The main difference is about the meats that are used within that locations. If you need an understanding of the different styles of Barbecue, go to YouTube and search for the “The BBQ Song”.

And gosh darn it, don’t get hung on any style! Trust me, I’ve had pork in Texas and North Carolina – and a lot of other states – if they know barbecue, it’ll be good; if they aren’t, it won’t. Texas or North Carolina doesn’t mean a hill of beans in that regard.

Another point about “style” could be the woods they use, for example in Texas you’ll find people using mesquite, in the Carolinas you’ll get Hickory and maybe some Fruit woods mixed in. Trust me, it’s ALL good.

Then you’ll get the use of different sauces with the meat. In my opinion, some meats handle different styles of sauces better than others. But there are even variants to that. For example, on pulled pork I like to have a vinegar based sauce and prefer anything from Eastern NC style to Lexington, NC style. But give me ribs and I prefer either a dry rub only OR a sticky, smoky, sweet and or hot spiced sauce or a combination of all of those.

But enough about that… I’m back at Big Tiny’s BBQ for a reason, Saturday’s are beef rib days. Beef Ribs, I’ve only had a few of these in my life, and all from Texas. Cannot be more than half a dozen prior to this visit to Big Tiny’s BBQ; so I am by no means an expert on the way they should be. I just know what I like when it hits my taste buds. Mostly the beef BBQ I’ve had has been mixed results IN Texas. Just because the place is in Texas, or the pit master comes from Texas doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be good.


Big Tiny's BBQ Mooresville, NC Beef Rib
Big Tiny’s BBQ Mooresville, NC Beef Rib

The Beef Rib

$18 dollars for this beauty, loaded with more meat than I should eat. How was it? It was right there with the best beef rib I’ve I had in Fort Worth at Robinsons BBQ. This rib was hit with smoke nicely, it was very tender and retained good moisture in the meat. It was all around awesome. You’ll not find a steak that is this good at this price, or even at a slightly higher price. Heck fire man, smoke some rib eyes!

 Big Tiny’s BBQ is winning me over as one of the top Barbecue places I’ve eaten it. And I’ve easily eaten at over HUDREDs of different places in my life. The guestimate number is staggering to a point that you wouldn’t believe it.

So, what is my verdict? Drive to Mooresville on a Saturday and get yourself a beef rib, it’s a winner.


Big Tiny's BBQ Mooresville, NC Sweet Potato Casserole
Big Tiny’s BBQ Mooresville, NC Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole

Because it’s a side worth mentioning and showing a picture of! My wife and I really enjoyed it. Very, tasty and … one of the better sweet potato casseroles I’ve had. Becky says that she wants to go back to get some more of it.

The Verdict: Awesome!


Big Tiny's BBQ Mooresville, NC Green Bean Casserole
Big Tiny’s BBQ Mooresville, NC Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole

This is also a side worth not only mentioning, but showing a picture of. It was very good as well. Big Tiny’s is hitting on the sides as well folks!

The Verdict: If you like Green bean casserole, you’ll love this!



Big Tiny's BBQ Mooresville, NC Peach Cobbler
Big Tiny’s BBQ Mooresville, NC Peach Cobbler

For Dessert I had Banana Pudding again, you’ve hopefully already read about it. If not, get it.

My wife had Peach Cobbler! The problem was, her serving didn’t have enough peaches in it; but it did have a lot of juice in the breading;. Also, she doesn’t like the breaded kind of cobbler, preferring the crumbled crunchy kind.

The Verdict: We have to go by what my wife said here: not her thing.